Scottish Parliament

I have had the pleasure and privilege to work as a researcher, events officer, and support exhibition curator for the Scottish Parliament over the last several years.  This began as an awarded internship for the Festival of Politics from the AHRC and later became consultancy support exhibitions and research.


Within these roles, I utilised effective research and organisational skills to provide key information for a series of semi-permeant exhibitions to be held within the Scottish Parliament.  Worked collaboratively with museums, libraries, archives, digital repositories and international specialists to provide images, physical ephemera, oral histories, and historical transcripts.  Also required to use writing and editing skills to prepare written excerpts for display as part of the exhibition and online publication.  Part of this role also included instigating my extensive research and project management skills to event manage the 2017 Festival of Politics.  Working on the festival allowed me to expand my research skills across twenty-seven different topics including mental health in Scotland, political history, the development of the Scottish Parliament, and the impact of narcotics on rave and health in the 1990s.  This exciting position allowed me to work closely with politicians, celebrities, academics, and professional, whilst designing panels, online marketing campaigns, and extensively researching topics to create panel discussion points, back up evidence, and establish potential speakers.

I owe a lot to the parliament and the amazing team that supported me there.  I hope to return again soon and I treasure the time I have spent working for them.


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