Teaching and Supervison

I have been teaching in Higher Education since 2015 and it is by far one of my most favourite activities.  I have had the pleasure of teaching a range of topics including. I have been very lucky to have taught such a wide array of classes as both a tutor and a lecturer.  I also was able to supervise several undergraduate dissertations.  These were particularly rewarding as I took care to guide my students through key historiographical and primary research.

Throughout my teaching career, I have been required to deliver a range of established teaching modules, conduct formal lectures, and guiding academic debate. Designed and implemented student assessments whilst demonstrating patience and innovatively explaining complex issues during supportive and engaging student sessions. Incorporated new pedagogical approaches and designed innovative tailored teaching materials while introducing students to a wide array of complex historical themes including international relations and politics, mental health, medicine and treatment, military history, disease and health, gender, power, and class.

Teaching Specialisms:

  • Military History
  • Medical History
  • French History
  • American and European Relations in the Cold War
  • Modern European History
  • British and European History
  • Imperial British History
  • History of Madness and Mental Illness
  • The History of Sex and Society
  • Dangerous Drugs in History


Supervision Expertise:

  • Military History – 19th and 20th Century
  • Medical History
  • Mental Illness in Institutions
  • British Imperial History


I am proud to have been nominated for several Teaching Excellence Awards over the last three years. 


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