MIMHHN Members

Below you will find the details and contact information for members of the MMHHN.


Dr Simon H Walker – Administrator / Member


Military Medical Historian and Suicidologist, Presenter WW1 Cookery Show  – Associate Researcher at the University of Strathclyde.

Research: Military Suicide, Mental health, Medicine, Agency, Chaplains, and Food.

Recent Publications –

Walker S. ‘The Greater Good: Agency and Inoculation in the British Army 1914-1918’ Canadian Bulletin of Medical History, Volume 36.1 (2019), pp. 131–157.

Walker, S. ‘Saving Bodies and Souls – To what extent were Army Chaplains an Important part of Medical Care in the First World War?’, Postgraduate Journal of Medical Humanities, 3 (2016): pp 24-38.

Contact: simon.h.walker@strathclyde.ac.uk  / @drsiwalker / 07780002920 www.simonhwalker.com

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