Episode 3: Jam

I love this episode.  It is terrible in all the best ways and I adore it.  In all honesty, the Jam did not work and it tasted HORRIBLE.  No wonder my kids would not eat it.   It is clear at this point I had started to understand how to use a camera and get better sound.  I was very happy with this one, and the best part was when an academic hero (and my future viva examiner) commented on it.


This recipe is as basic as possible because it was made cheaply in large batches. This recipe was common in the 19th century and was often found in cookery books and housekeeping guides.

1 Kg Plums, stoned & quartered (I used Marjorie)

1 Kg Bramley apples (cooking apples), peeled cored and roughly chopped

1.8 Kg Granulated Sugar

600 mls Water

Cook on a medium to low heat to soften the fruit for around 15 minutes, before adding the sugar, stirring to ensure it does not stick to the pan.

Next, add the sugar and simmer for around 25 minutes until the sugar and fruit have combined and the mixture begins to thicken.

Serve into jars. But be warned – it’s not the best!

Try it if you like its very good with hard tack.  (NO IT IS NOT – Message from Dr Walker to PhD Student Walker!)

Additional note: I say that this was the only sweet option in the trenches and of course this was not true, soldiers had access to cakes and chocolate from parcels and shops! Not to mention there are other desserts (keep watching for that disaster) The point I was trying to convey was that jam was often the go too for something sweet, different and to add to if not simply to cover up for, the monotony of the food on offer! Also: this video has been edited because certain sections, which focus on the Jam Tin as a makeshift grenade seemed inappropriate at this time, a 3.5 version may be released in the future. Happy Jam Making everyone!

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