Food and Health In the Great War

Food and health has been a synonymous pairing throughout the history of world.  From humoral balance, through Galanic medicine, to the contagionists and Pasteur’s breakthrough; food always remained a within the periphery of ‘kill or cure’

The age old adage that an army marches on its stomach is often accredited to the French Dictator Napoleon.  However, it is now contested that he ever uttered these words.


Regardless of if he did or did not say this, the point still stands.   No matter the strength of a fighting force or the apparent supramcy of the army; without provisions and food no one was going to last long.

I have been long fascinated by the role of food in warfare.  This obsession has  culminated in several papers, a large se section in my upcoming book based on my PhD thesis, and my educational YouTube series.

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Food and Health In the Great War

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