Journeys Through Health History / FOCUS on History

L0009189 WWI: drawing of Royal Army Medical Corps, by F. Matania

For several years I have co-coordinated the Journeys Through Health History school engagement project with Dr Emma Newlands.  This project has run for several years beginning originally as part of a MUSE scheme with a single school which culminated in the creation of a travelling exhibition designed and presented by school pupils.   Over the last three years, this project has evolved into a bespoke secondary educational engagement programme complete with bespoke pedagogical resources and lesson plans designed to combine lessons created and given by specialists in key areas of history with the current high school curriculum.   This has allowed pupils to learn and debate about topics such as military medicine, diseases in society, diet and food health as well as body snatching, oral history and memory, and drugs and alcohol.

It’s most recent regeneration is FOCUS on History: A joint project with FOCUS West.


This has been an excellent opportunity to teach outside the confines of University teaching and has been a wonderful experience in creating content, lessons, delivering and building relationships with local schools.

For more information visit the site for all the resources, links, videos and audio sources, activities, events and images related to the University of Strathclyde History Department and the Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare school engagement project with local Glasgow Schools.

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