Military and Institutional Mental Health Research Network

Welcome to the opening page of the Military and Institutional Mental Health Research Network (MIMHRN).

This network is designed to bring together academics, medical professionals, psychologists, military personnel, officials and specialists, to open discussions and share current research into Military and Institutional Mental Health.

Members will be able to share work and ideas, promote publications and conferences, as well as build links with colleagues from other disciplines.  A member page complete with brief career and specialism synopsis and contact details will be added to these pages.

Institutional mental health is a very topical issue right now.  Within the Military combat stress, self-harm, abuse, suicide, bullying, and self-identification are all continually in the media.  Within hospitals and medical settings, patients and staff are reportedly suffering mental health issues, with recent reports indicating that British Nurses and Radiographers are a high suicide risk in 2019.  Other institutions such as Prisons bring with them their own issues, within the modern-day and historically, again staff and inmates are often sufferers of mental health issues.  Student suicide within educational environments is yet another area that needs a research focus.

Research is continuing around the world to identify past and current aspects of attention to Institutional mental health and it is the focus of this network to bring some of this research together.

For the moment, this network will be hosted on Dr Simon Walker’s website as the coordinator of the network.  However, as the network grows this will then migrate to a website of its own.

If you are interested in joining please contact

Thanks for your interest.

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