Episode 1: Tea

Ok.  So in this episode, I make tea.  I know how that sounds, it’s ridiculous!  However, this was a lot of fun and I found a lot of the facts really interesting! Also, I filmed this in a park at 5 am and right in the middle of my shot a runner deliberately ran between me and the camera, footage that I am sorely tempted to release.

Drinking under fire was supposed to be at least three, if not four episodes.  However, time and commitments put it on hold.  But who knows – maybe it will come back.

In the meantime – get yourself some tea!

All you need to make this:

♣ Loose Black Tea

♣ Sugar

♣ Condensed Milk

♣ Water

♣ Possibly an umbrella

Making the Tea is very easy: boil the water and add the ingredients And you are done!

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