Deveron Project: Practices of Peace Event



In 2017, I had the pleasure of taking part in the Deveron Event: Practices of Peace.  Amongst some amazing historians and local artists, I gave a talk on the role of pacifism during the First World War.  This was an amazing program and series of events (and I got some very delicious goodies too).

The program is below:

Sat 18 November 2017 
Venue: Brander Building

10:00 Simon H. Walker, PhD: WW1 Practices of Pacifism across Britain

10:45 Val Ross: Armistice in the Pages of the Huntly Express

11:20 Jonathan Russell: Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament // Aberdeen and District

11:45 White Wood walk, lunch and remembrance
In the centenary of WWI, Caroline Wendling, with the community of Huntly, planted the White Wood, a living monument to peace, providing a regenerative alternative to the nostalgic memorials across the world.
In collaboration with Caroline Wendling and Petra Pennington

15:00 Cornelia Offergeld: Curating Peace

16:00 Claudia Zeiske and Stuart McAdam: Travelling and commemorating post-war Europe
Discussion: How do we and how can we commemorate?

18:00 Peacemakers’ Night with Rachel Ashton
Venue: No. 11 – 11 Gordon  Street
Poetry, Music and Dance
In collaboration with Al Nofara Café project


Sun 19 November 2017 
10:00 – 15:00 Walk in Cabrach

The Cabrach is a unique and beautiful location rich in cultural heritage, its landscape typified by the many ruined crofts and steadings, which today haunt this upland plateau. At the turn of the 19th century it had a thriving community of around 1000 people, but after the First World War, the local population was severely decimated and historians have called the Cabrach: ‘The biggest war memorial in Europe’.

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