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Welcome to Learning and Teaching Resources Section:

Using the navigation tabs above you can access many of the Learning and Teaching Resources and some of the Lectures I have delivered in my academic career. I believe that students and learners have an increasingly difficult time in terms of finding the right balance for assignments and exams. As a student I struggled with this and as a teacher I have continually tried to help my students steer these waters. Please use the sections below to help you, and reach out if you would like to use any of these resources within your classes or with your students. (Bespoke material is also leasable from my company SCE Consultants

Highlights of this Section Include:

• Bespoke resources dedicated to core aspects of university and college learning, including essay advice, presentation advice, source analysis, and research.

• Examples of different learning techniques and pedogeological resources I have used or would encourage you to engage with.

• Links to articles and resources I have created for external journals and sessions.

• Series of learning lectures, some of which have been used within various universities or colleges as learning sessions.

• Link to the Feeding Under Fire public engagement and learning resource web series on Youtube.

Please contact me if there is anything in particular you are looking for help with or are looking for help with digital / pedogeological resources.

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