Episode 2: Trench Pie

Feeding Under Fire – Episode 2: Trench Pie

Feeding Under Fire is a First World War cooking web series which teaches you how to make trench food and learn about those who had to eat it during the First World War History, stories and a cooking show – what else do you need?



This episode focuses on a recipe for Trench Pie, a standard meat pie from 1914-18.

This was was a bit better, shorter, more interesting, and the camera work is getting there.  Still early days. but there are some fascinating aspects of the Pie in the video!


For the Paste – 225g plain flour 100g butter, diced pinch salt

For the Filling – 1 / 2 cans of Corned Beef, finely sliced onion, 600ml of Stock, Salt, Pepper

Cook at 220°C/425°F/Gas Mark 7 for up to 30 – 40 minutes.


The second episode of the Feeding Under Fire public engagement series by Simon Walker

Title card design: Elena Romero Passerin Guest:

Rachel Hewitt – PhD Candidate – Glasgow Caledonian University.

Guest direction: Elena Romero Passerin / Rachel Hewitt

References: Private Papers of S Roberts, IWM, Documents. 17248. Oral History Walter Clark, IWM, Catalogue No.577. The War Office, The British Army Cook Book 1914 Reprint, (Gloucestershire, 2014).


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