Episode 7: Breakfast

Welcome to the most disgusting thing I have ever cooked and eaten.  If you are looking for something delicious to eat, go to Episode 5 or 6 because this is just the worst.  Tripe! I ask you? Who voluntarily eats TRIPE!  This video also has issues with the sound but it does have my friend Jack hogging every single second of screen time and loving it.  So it’s a mixed bag.




Making the Curried Tripe:

Recipe for 4 people

• Plain Flour 50 g

• 1 tsp. of salt

• 1 tsp. of pepper

• 2 tbsp. of curry powder

• 400g of vegetables

• 1 Onion

• 500g of Meat (Tripe in this example)

• 1 litre of Stock Preparation –

To Cook it

• Mix your flour, salt and pepper together in a bowl

• Then chop your meat into 2 oz pieces

• Slice the onions thinly but not so much that they disintegrate when cooking

• Need a large cooking pot, set to 160 degrees and add in around 100 ml of stock

• Now coat your meat in the flour and then add it to the stock

• Next, add your peas and your onions

• Finally, cover with enough stock to just cover all of the ingredients

• Set it to simmer, cover and cook for 3 hours.


Makin the Bacon and Eggs Recipe for 4 people

• 8 Rashers of Bacon

• 4 eggs

• 250g of Lard / Fat (enough to fully immerse while cooking)

Cooking • Fry until cooked, spooning fat over the food.

• Safety note: take care with the fat.

And you are done! I hope you enjoy the tripe as much as I did

Additional note: I apologise for the sound in this episode. There was a fault during recording and a lot of work went into recovering the sound as best as possible.


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