Hi there,

Welcome to my website! I am a medical military and suicide historian and I specialise in British military history over the last three centuries.

I am currently researching the history of British Military Suicide from 1850-2018 with the aim to work with various organisations on ways to prevent future suicides as well as to voice the unheard stories of those servicemen and women who tragically took their own lives and have been all but omitted from history.

As well as an academic, lecturer, and researcher, I also have published and presented on a range of topics (see above).  I also present a youtube historical cooking series called Feeding Under Fire which is a fun way to learn about food, health and service during the Great War.

I also currently work in widening access, serve as a researcher to the Scottish Parliament, and run my own careers guidance company – SCE Consultants https://sceconsultants.co.uk/

My most recent achievement is being commissioned by Bloomsbury to publish a book on the physical experiences and transformations of British Soldiers in the First World War titled – “Physical Control, Transformation and Damage in the First World War: War Bodies”.  I will be blogging about this process along with various discussions of my research and work – so I hope you will join in the discussion.

Thank you again for visiting my website, if you are interested in knowing more about my work please look around the site and contact me  if you would like to know more or would like to contribute to my research.



Dr S. Walker,


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