Mental Health Day – A Crisis of Nursing Suicide

Nurses in the UK and Global are facing a crisis in terms of mental health and Suicide. Although a day late, my Mental Health Day post discussing my research into Nursing Suicide and my own lived experience of suicide.

‘Invalid’: The Power of a Label

The word 'invalid' has existed for over 2000 years. It's meaning has changed and evolved. Recently the word describe wounded troops or disabled individuals, but also meant 'not valued' - this article considers the damage of a label and questions how the interpretations of invalid have linked to discriminate and segregate.

Ghosts in War

As part of the research I am conducting into Magic and the Supernatural in the First World War - here are some fascinating titbits about ghosts on the Front Line.


Why do people feel the need to post and share spoilers! Why is ruining something for someone else something others pursue?

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