War Bodies: My New Book is Published 12/11/20

On Thursday the 12th of November, my book on the British male military body in the First World War will be released.

In the run up to the launch on the 12th, there is a run a number of activities to engage with if you want to know more about the book. These will be updated below so please keep checking in, share, and get involved.

On a personal note, this is a huge event for me. I’m obviously excited, but also can scarcely believe that from an essential school drop out and someone who once attempted suicide due to depression: I now have a PhD, I’m an academic specialist, ive published journal articles, wrote chapters, penned pieces for Time and The Independent, and finally I also now have a book. Thanks for all the love and support. I couldn’t have done this with out it.

Countdown Events

War Stories – on my twitter I have been sharing daily short accounts from my books on the key themes of the text. Follow, like, and share my account to find out more about the men who caused muntinies, were punished for being ill, or got so drunk they were left tied to a temporary bridge as 10,000 troops marched passed them. #warbodies

Book Trailer – I love movies and I make videos, so to make my own book trailer was just too good an opportunity to miss. The trailer will be released on Tuesday here and on social media. Watch this space

War Bodies: Trailer

Companion Article: The Conversation and Remembrance Day – As a joint piece for my book and for the armistice day I have written a short article on the lasting implications of war within the Conversation. This will be released on Sunday the 8th of November and shared here and on social media. In the meantime click below to read my previous articles on military history and suicide.

Live book Launch – In Thursday evening a live launch will take place with a digital Q and A. This will involve a short talk from me, a reading of the book, some online questions and discussion, and a small launch party. Links on this to follow!

Physical Control, Transformation and Damage in the First World War: War Bodies

From enlistment in 1914 to the end of service in 1918, British men’s bodies were constructed, conditioned, and controlled in the pursuit of allied victory. Physical Control, Transformation and Damage in the First World War considers the physical and psychological impact of conflict on individuals and asks the question of who, in the heart of war, really had control of the soldier’s body.

As men learned to fight they became fitter, healthier, and physically more agile, yet much of this was quickly undone once they entered the fray and became wounded, died, or harmed their own bodies to escape. Employing a wealth of sources, including personal testimonies, official records, and oral accounts, I shed much-needed light on soldiers’ own experiences of World War I as they were forced into martial moulds and then abandoned in the aftermath of combat.

In this book, I synthesize military, sociological, and medical history to provide a unique top-down history of individual soldiers’ experiences during the Great War, giving a voice to the thousands of missing, mutilated, and muted men who fought for their country. The result is a fascinating exploration of body cultures, power, and the British army.

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