Synthesising Super Soldiers – New Article

Very excited to say that my article on the links between medical humanities and science fiction has been released today.

The Girl or The Weapon

This article considers Doctor Who, Captain America, and River Tam as separate entities with relations to the physical construction, abuse, and trauma of member of military service in history. I have been waiting for this one to come out for a while, and much has changed within these fandoms since I wrote it.

Captain America in Training

However, I stand by my arguments of Cap’s creation to the experience of training historic soldiers, of the Doctors trauma after the time war in relation to PTSD suffered by thousands in the 20th and 21st century, and of Rivers horrific experiences of a living lab rat mirroring those of thousands in history.

The Four Doctors

This article was a labour of love and a wonderful opportunity to combine my academic research and my passions. Please read, share, debate and disagree. Thank you for your support

Next Superman, and then, hopefully Harry Potter, James Bond, and Star Trek (along side my military focused academic publications of course.)

All of the artwork in this post has come from incredible fan art available online. To see more click each image to see the original.

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