Ghosts in War

As part of the research I am conducting into Magic and the Supernatural in the First World War - here are some fascinating titbits about ghosts on the Front Line.


Why do people feel the need to post and share spoilers! Why is ruining something for someone else something others pursue?

Saving Bodies and Souls: Army Chaplains and the RAMC in the First World War.

See: Army Chaplains and the RAMC 1914-18 Army Chaplains are a fascinating part of military history. From before 1066, many armies have included clergyman within their midst. Over the course of military history, the role of chaplain. In memorian, the Very Rev. John Gamble Geddes, rector of Hamilton, and dean of Niagara [microform] : born March... Continue Reading →

New Article – Forced Anti-typhoid inoculation in the First World War

  Inoculation in the First World War undoubtedly saved many lives.  The squalor of combat and battle had served as a continual threat to soldiers lives for hundreds of years.  In the 19th-century, growing awareness and scientific knowledge of the dangers of germs and bacteria overtook previous theories debated between Contagionism and Anticontagionism.  Theories such... Continue Reading →

Smallpox – Medical Control over the Empire

Did you know that while Britain made India the 'Jewel in the Crown' during the reign of Queen Victoria, British officials increasing forced Indian nationals to break their religion, traditional practices, and risk the lives of themselves, their families and their children - all for the 'greater good?'. Find out more by reading - Smallpox in... Continue Reading →


Hi there, Welcome to my website! I am a medical military and suicide historian and I specialise in British military history over the last three centuries. I am currently researching the history of British Military Suicide from 1850-2018 with the aim to work with various organisations on ways to prevent future suicides as well as... Continue Reading →

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